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Publish new kinds of science content. Create NFTs from ideas, figures, lectures, and more!



Help us create new ways to measure impact by collecting science NFTs that speak to you.



Discuss and review NFTs in your field to help others discover high quality science.

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ScieNFT is an open-access preprint server that makes it simple for scientists to share their work as NFTs that can be bought and sold as digital collectibles.

We value contributions of original research in any format, as well as reports of new ideas and methods, negative results, simple figures, ideas, datasets, artistic work, and more. There's no reason to limit yourself to traditional publishing formats!

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We store your content on the decentralized web using IPFS and the Filecoin Network and mint your NFT using an ERC1155-standard compliant smart contract.

By embracing decentralized systems you can be confident that your research will always remain freely available online.


ScieNFT platform utility tokens (SCI)

You can earn SCI tokens by participating in the ScieNFT community and use them to trade science NFTs in our marketplace.

Like other decentralized assets on the blockchain, SCI tokens and science NFTs are completely portable.

We hope the SCI token will grow to provide a new way for scientists and institutions to recognize the value of scientific work.

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