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Capturing the Art of Science: ScieNFT Uses Blockchain to Revolutionize and Reward Scientific Publishing

Science is art. All you have to do is look at an organism at a cellular level to recognize its form, composition, and balance. Science is also art in a less literal way. Science captures the art of life. As such, why shouldn’t scientists and researchers get rewarded just like artists?

December 1, 2023 • via


Funding the Future of Scientific Communication: ScieNFT and Future Ventures Partnership Makes Way for Scientific Research NFTs

ScieNFT received backing from Future Ventures, a venture capital firm, to launch the first decentralized platform for scientific research, allowing scientists and educators to publish their assets as a non-fungible token (NFT). Using NFT technology ensures scientists and educators have clear ownership over their work. ScieNFT publishers will also have access to a marketplace and management tools for invention disclosures and patents.

October 19, 2023 • via

Yahoo News

Meet ScieNFT, The Innovative Decentralized Solution for Scientific Publishing

The scientific and educational publishing sector is worth an estimated $30 billion. However, there is little return on the investment institutions make in promoting that research, nor the scientists make in developing and compiling it. Dr. Arash Rafii, who pioneered his own research in gynecologic oncology and molecular biology,

September 27, 2023 • via

LA Weekly

ScieNFT Founders: Fusing Blockchain with Science for a New Era of Publishing

While NFTs (non-fungible tokens) became the Internet’s equivalent of a virtual trading card in recent years, technology brand ScieNFT found a new way to leverage the power of blockchain in the name of academic research. With up to 5 million academic papers published yearly, there is a growing demand for publishing solutions.

August 18, 2023 • via

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