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How can I become a ScieNFT partner?

Can I fund my research program by selling NFTs?

What kind of content can be shared on ScieNFT?

How do I create a science NFT?

Can I create NFTs from previously published research?

Does ScieNFT charge fees for creating an NFT?

Can I publish my work in other places after it appears on ScieNFT?

Is work shared on ScieNFT reviewed?

How will ScieNFT add peer review functionality for NFTs?

Does ScieNFT provide engagement metrics for NFTs?

What is a draft NFT?

What roles are associated with creating an NFT?

Can I revise an NFT after creating it?

Can I remove an article that has been posted on ScieNFT?

Can I post a manuscript that is not in English?

What public blockchain does ScieNFT support?

What rights are granted to the owner of an NFT?

Does creating an NFT interfere with patent rights?

What are SCI tokens?

How do I get SCI tokens?

How can I use SCI tokens?

How do I sell an NFT that I purchased?

Do I need a cryptocurrency wallet to use ScieNFT?

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